The Waterford School District is launching a new series called Reading with Wilbur. The objective is to give parents and educators the tools needed to help children learn to read and get children interested and excited to read about Wilbur’s adventures. The "Reading with Wilbur" series began with an English class at Waterford Mott High School. It grew from a single story, Wilbur's Wonderful Day, to a series of books, videos, activities, and adventures.

A crew of high school students also began filming a series of Reading with Wilbur episodes. Each episode is approximately six minutes long and includes a read aloud story, live animals, elementary "favorite book" reviews and a song. There are 26 episodes in the YouTube series. Episodes will be released once every two weeks, beginning today. The series was made possible by a grant from the AT&T Foundation awarded to the Waterford Foundation for Public Education and supports the Waterford READS initiative. Through the Reading with Wilbur website,, a variety of resources are available to help children access the wonderful world of reading. Visitors to the website can also join Wilbur on his adventures with the online video library. New episodes will be added regularly. You can also follow Wilbur’s adventures on Twitter @ReadingWilbur.