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Within the Business Services Department, and under the direction of the Assistant Superintendent of Business and Operations, Purchasing Services orchestrates the procurement of all assets, construction, equipment, instructional materials, supplies and services. We are committed to facilitating cost effective methods and access to new business opportunities throughout our region. Our belief in competitive bidding and fair business practice will provide partnership opportunities to qualified vendors. 

Registration is required for consideration, however it is not an assurance for inclusion in the bid and/or purchasing process. If interested in doing business complete the Vendor Registration form below and submit with a signed W9 to PurchasingServices@wsdmi.org. Please keep your company information current with us by sending modifications to this email address.   

According to the revised Michigan School Code, the State of Michigan annually designates a base amount above which school districts must obtain competitive bids. The Competitive Bid base amount is $24,459 (FY2019) effective September 27, 2018. In addition to our website, all Invitations for Bids for construction and food service will be advertised in the Oakland Press and posted on State of Michigan SIGMA Vendor Self Service (VSS) website. 

Compliance with applicable policies, procedures, laws and regulations are monitored by Purchasing Services. We request bids at the district level, partake in cooperatives at the state and local levels, as well as consortiums with other districts. Some cooperative bid contracts we particpate in are AEPA, E&I, MiDeal, Oakland County Government, Oakland Schools ISD, Oakland County School Purchasing Officials (OCSPO), Omnia Partners: National IPA and US Communities, REMC Association of Michigan, SourceWell and Wayne RESA CoProPlus.

All bids are due at 501 N. Cass Lake Road, Waterford, Michigan, 48328, by 2:00 p.m. on the date specified.

The Waterford School District reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids, or to split awards by item, or to accept bids which will, in the opinion of the Administration and the Board of Education, best serve the Waterford School District.

On occasion our district may conduct a public auction to promote the sale of surplus fleet vehicles, furniture and/or equipment for disposal. All items offered are "as is condition" with no guarantee or warranty included or implied. Please check our website periodically for updates to current auctions.

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