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Waterford Durant High School serves as the third high school in Waterford.  Our primary mission is to provide a credit recovery option for students who have fallen behind in credits or who simply prefer a smaller high school setting. The total school enrollment is approximately 200-225 students per term. This is not an adult education program. Students are between the ages of 15-19 and are in at least their second year of high school.

At Durant, we promote student success through smaller class sizes and an individualized approach to teaching and learning. Teachers identify student strengths and weaknesses and the teaching methods they use are often modified to meet individual learning needs. In addition to academic learning, we strive to instill in students a positive attitude and the interpersonal skills needed to become productive students.

The curriculum offered at Durant is identical to the curriculum offered at both Kettering and Mott High Schools. While some elective course offerings are unique to Durant, the core graduation requirements of both the State of Michigan and the Waterford School District are identical at all three high schools. Durant students who fulfill the Waterford School District graduation requirements earn a Durant High School diploma.

Our school motto:  "Some wish for it, we work for it."

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