Every Day Counts! Tips for Improving Attendance

1. Good attendance benefits your child's education. Students who miss a day of school not only miss instruction, but must make up work and catch up with the new material at the same time. Make education a family priority and emphasize the important role education plays throughout life.

2. The school bus is a consistent way to ensure your child arrives at school in a timely manner. Arriving late can be disruptive for your child, the teacher, and the other children in the class.

3. Try to schedule doctor and dentist appointments on early release days, school holidays or at the beginning or end of the school day.

4. Families are encouraged to take vacations during summer vacation or other school breaks throughout the year. Vacations are not considered exempt and will count towards your child's total number of absences.

5. Keep in mind that patterns are formed early. It is more difficult to break a bad habit (children begging to stay home from school "just this once") than saying "no" in the beginning.

6. If there are reasons why your child is not coming to school (school phobia, relationships with peers, academic difficulties), please contact your school counselor or social worker so that the underlying issue can be addressed.

Thank you for supporting your child's education by encouraging good school attendance! For more information on the Waterford School District's Attendance Policy or why school attendance is critical to academic achievement please contact your child's school or the Waterford Success Program at 248.682.1086.