School-aged children must be enrolled in a Waterford School Program.

The Stepanski Early Child Care Program admits school-aged children ages 2½ to 6 years of age. Children must be reliably toilet trained.

Children must be registered each school year and each summer. A non-refundable registration fee will be charged and must be paid upon enrollment. We bill for Child Care services on a weekly basis. Invoices will be available every Tuesday, with payment due on or before the following Friday. Past due accounts may result in suspension of care and a late fee. Returned checks and will be assessed a fee and must be repaid within one week of notification. The child's account must maintain a current balance.

If more than one family member is registering the same child/children, each person will be responsible for his or her own account balance. If parents are requiring two separate accounts they must each register their child and pay the full registration fee. Child Care Services will maintain confidentiality and will not disclose financial information to anyone other than the account holder. Child Care will not serve as a mediator for billing issues, to determine who is responsible for what percent of the balance, or regarding drop off/pick up issues. If a child's account becomes delinquent by either party, child care services will be suspended until payment is made, or until payment arrangements have been made through the Billing Office. Requests for duplicate information such as attendance records and duplicate tax statements will be subject to a $5.00 fee.